Due to the limited number of health care facilities in the Adirondack Region, individuals must travel long distances for medical attention. The potential of telemedicine is tremendous, particularly in the area of rural health care where health risk factors are high, access to health facilities is limited, and recruitment and retention of health care providers is difficult. High-resolution transfer of diagnostic procedures such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), X-ray and other test results allows for expedited diagnosis and referral. Consultation between medical practitioners and opportunities for professional development will also be greatly enhanced. If a specialist is required, physicians connected to the network can consult with physicians at Albany Medical College, the Samuel S. Stratton VA Medical Center, or other participating hospitals including Adirondack Medical Center, Bessette Health Center, Elizabethtown Hospital, Champlain Valley Physician's Hospital Medical Center, Brushton-Moira Health Center, Mineville Health Center, Moses Luddington Hospital, Alice Hyde Hospital, Fletcher Allen Hospital, Bassett Medical Center and other health care facilities throughout the region.