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The Federal-State Joint Conference on Advanced Telecommunications Services (Joint Conference) was convened by the FCC on October 8, 1999 to furthe r the vision of Section 706 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Patterned on a resolution by the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NA RUC), the Joint conference joins federal and state forces to encourage the deplo yment of advanced telecommunications services to all Americans.

Part of the Joint conference's mission is to gather information on the deploy ment of advanced services. To this end, the Joint Conference will hold six field hearings in coming months to gather information on the status of deployment of advanced telecommunications capability to all Americans. There field hearings wi ll focus on two goals in particular. First, the Joint Conference will seek infor mation on what extent data is available at the state level on the status of depl oyment of advanced services. Second, the Joint conference will seek examples of "best practices" of successful deployment in communities. Some communities have found creative ways to bring high speed Internet access to areas that were previ ously undeserved. For example, a community may speed deployment by bringing many potential users of advanced service together, thereby aggregating demand to inc rease their buying power. A compilation of creative efforts, or best practices, will provide guidance to communities in other states to speed deployment of adva nced services.

The following video can be viewed with real player 7 or higher. Each p resentation is stored in high bandwidth and low bandwidth formats. These video p resentations are the four sections given at The Federal-State Joint Confer ence on Advanced Services New England hearing held at Middlesex Communit y College Lowell, Massachusetts on May 22, 2000. A special thanks goes to MediaO ne for the excellent quality of directing, recording and editing of this event a nd supplying taped copies to AAN. Also special thanks to Middlesex Community C ollege for hosting this event. Lastly, AAN and the participants would like to thank the Public Utility Commissioners for a successful hearing and their time a nd engery into making this event happen.

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