Daemen College Health Advisory Committee Meeting
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Adirondack Area Network and Questar III provide dedicated Rensselaer Education Center teacher ability to teach from home while recovering from surgery.

Fox 23 News at 10:30
Fox News Website

Technology behind Rensselaer Education Center teacher instructing students from home while recovering from hip surgery.

Fox 23 News Tech Valley Report
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Dedicated Rensselaer Education Center teacher recovering from hip surgery teaches from home through the use of teleconferencing technology

Fox 23 news at 5:30
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Staff Curriculum Development Network (SCDN) Conference - June 7, 2002
Guest Speaker Peter Rooney
Retired Director of an Area Regional Information Center (RIC)

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Channel 7 WWNY News Report - Clifton Fine Hospital, Star Lake, NY Receives new telemedicine technology as part of a USDA grant awarded to RHTC (The Rural Health Technology Training Center) at SUNY Canton College of Technology

T2B2 - Coping with the Ecological Aftermath of 9/11 - School of Public Health Services. April 18, 2002

T2B2 - Emergency Preparedness - School of Public Health Services. March 21, 2002

T2B2 - Public Health Response to Terrorism - School of Public Health Services. February 21, 2002

T2B2 - Antibiotic Resistance - School of Public Health Services. January 17, 2002

T2B2 - Smart Growth - School of Public Health Series. December 20, 2001

T2B2 - Tobacco Control - School of Public Health Series. November 15, 2001

T2B2 - Preventing Childhood Overweight in NYS - School of Public Health Series. October 18, 2001

Ethics and Law in Stem Cell Research - October 17, 2001
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T2B2 - Newborn Screening - School of Public Health Series. September 20, 2001
(change in topic due to Septembet 11, 2001 - original topic: Lead Poisoning Prevention)


NBC News 13 - Dr. T. Paul Singh interview about Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Procedures

Hemophilia Lecture - Informational Conference on Hemophilia and Physical Fitness

Members Program makes local News...
April 10, 2001

The Energy Association of New York State
In Conjunction with:
The New York State AFL-CIO
The New York Building Congress
The Environmental Energy Alliance of New York
The New York Power Authority
Energy Star
Presents a Forum on Energy

Powering New York's Future
The current state of electric industry restructuring and its impact on New York's economic future.

Keynote speaker and panelist:
Dr. Alfred Kahn

Professor Emeritus of political economy, Cornell University

Wednesday, March 21, 2001

NYS-Health Department Expanded Syringe Access Demo Program

Niagara Frontier Building Officials Educational Conference

School of Public Health T2B2 series. Thriving in School: Healthy Kids Learn Better

Advanced Laparoscopic Hernia Repair Workshop - 11/16/00

Morning Session

Afternoon Session

Albany Medical Center Mini-Med-School Series

October 18, 2000 - Management of Advanced Heart Failure

October 25, 2000 - Recent Advances in Cancer Screening and Prevention

November 1, 2000 - Management of Acute Ischemic Stroke

November 8, 2000 - Alzheimer's Epidemic

November 15, 2000 - Your Healthcare Decisions

Gore Hernia Surgery - September 29, 2000

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National Kidney Foundation - 2000 US Transplant Games - par t 1

National Kidney Foundation - 2000 US Transplant Games - par t 2

Dr. David Bonner at Northeast FCC hearings - May 22, 2000

Air Medical Issues in EMS - Sponsored by Albany Medical Cen ter

Spring Lecture Series - Management of Acute Stroke - May 24 , 2000

Spring Lecture Series - Alzheimer's Disease The Silent Epid emic - May 17, 2000

1996 AAN Press Conference - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

A trip to the Indianapolis Zoo - Berlin Central High School takes a virtual trip on March 21, 2000

Minimally Inv asive Surgery - Online Surgery on January 28, 1999

Minimally In vasive Surgery - Minimally Invasive Hernia Surgery on April 7, 2000

Albany Medical Co nference Center - Albany Medical Center Conference on April 5, 1999

Indianapolis Zoo on "Later Today"

Indianapolis Zoo in Africa

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