Dennis Curtin now a partner at Whiteman Osterman and Hanna - Press Republican September 18, 2011
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Connectivity for the Adirondacks - WAMV Northeast Public RadioSeptember 20, 2007
Adirondack cell service encouraged - The Leader-Herald Thursday April 5, 2007
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Forum Assesses Adirondack Broadband and Cellular Access(audio link) - WAMC Northeast Public RadioApril 5, 2007
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Hamilton County forum centers on broadband - The Press Republican April 5, 2007
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ACP receives $25,000 grant for distance learning initiative - Albany College of Pharmacy News
EMSC Spreads the Word on Child Injury Prevention - EMSC Update Vol.3, Issue 2 2001
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Officials see opportunity in Wood Block restoration - By Patrick J. Curry, The Record 03/05/2002
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Collaborative Communications Alliance

And what a celebration it was! - NKNENY Newsletter - Fall 2005
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Hudson Mohawk AHEC Connects Dental Professionals to Continuing Education - Summer 2005

Albany College of Pharmacy receives $25,000 grant for distance learning initiative - February 28, 2005

Board Member Recognized - Press-Republican - Friday, November 19, 2004

A small, rural municipality is well connected - Rural Futures - Jan/Feb 2004

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EMSC Spreads the Word on Child Injury Prevention
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RADVISION, Adirondack Area Network Provide Rural Health Videoconferencing

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Ice Storm freezes operations - January 19, 1998

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United States Department of Commerce
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Officials see opportunity in Wood Block restoration - March 5, 2002 Troy Record
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A Letter of Gratitude from the Community AIDS Partnership - December 18, 2001
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Stem cell research to be topic tonight - Wednesday, October 17, 2001 THE POST STAR
RADVISION Press Release - October 8, 2001 / Mawah, NJ
Vtel Press Release - Austin, Texas (August 22, 2001)
USDA Awards $205,393 Grant to Hoosick Falls Health Center, Inc. - The Eagle - Thursday June 21, 2001
The Adirondack Area Network (AANet) in north New York State is a wide area telecom network owned by the 100 member institutions - Videoconferencing Insight - June 2001

Video Conference Held at McClellan Between Army Reservists and Trainer The Eagle - April 11, 2001

New Lebanon adds Internet courses connectionThe Independent April 5, 2001

Telemedicine offers rural hospitals window on progress Sunday Times Union March 11, 2001

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Verizon Makes Second $10,000 Donation to McClellan Health Systems

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AANet Fellow and Sage Faculty Member obtains Regional Recognition - TIMES UNION - 1/16/01

Fox joins Albany Med in program The Daily Star - October 21, 1998
AANet featured in Vice President Al Gores "Connecting All Americans" Conference - Feb 1998
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Diffusion Fund Enables Advanced Telecommunications for Disadvantaged Communities in New York State - Tech News - 1998
(can be downloaded as a pdf from here.)
National Kidney Foundation Award
Network Helps Break Winter Storm's Grip On Disaster Area

RADVision Ground-Breaking Videoconferencing Solution

Voice over IP Strategies for the Converged Network

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