Distance Learning at Berlin Jr/Sr High School



  Students interact with TV teacher from HVCC in college credit Psychology Course. (Bea Peterson photo)  
by Bea Peterson

Watching the students in the Psychology course interacting with a teacher on a television set is impressive. All the science fiction stuff only dreamed about a few years ago is definitely a reality. While students observed the teacher, she was also watching them on her classroom monitor.

"This type of class is ideal for rural schools," say Berlin Jr/Sr High School principal Jim Bedford. "With gasoline prices going up, these classes will become all the more important."

Bedford refers to this first class, Introduction to Psychology 101 from HVCC as a "shakedown cruise;" an opportunity to test the concept and to check out all the bugs.

On Wenesday, a representative from Adirondack Area Network, the school district's internet service, was on hand to observe the class.

Afterwards she discussed with the HVCC instructor some of the problems she had noted, such as shadows, voice syncronization, microphones that didn't work. Together they went about correcting them.

Twelve students are currently enrolled in the class. The HVCC rate for high students taking the course is $100. Adults students pay full rate.


The Press Jan. 26, 2001