Press Release for 100 Miles of Hope Walk:

Gorman Bros., Inc., is a third generation owned road construction company incorporated in 1916 with divisions throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic areas. The Company has worked in municipalities in the Columbia Co. area for 3 generations.

Gorman Bros. is privileged to be a sponsor for the 100 Miles of Hope Walk on October 1st 2002. Company Vice-President Tony Gorman feels it is important "to support the areas where we work, to support the communities and residents who are "our customers". It is in this spirit, Vice-President Gorman sees the sponsorship of this event "as a perfect venue" to demonstrate that support. "To be able through our sponsorship to make a difference in the quality of care and services available to those fighting breast cancer in the Columbia Co. area is a commitment we are proud of."

Gorman Bros., applauds Assemblyman Manning for his dedication to this cause and his participation

"All of us at Gorman Bros. hope the event is a huge success".