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"West Street MedTek Park"

Excerpted from a Times Herald Record article by Lyn A. E. McCafferty: "What's new is what they want to build here: a medical technology park. City leaders have been talking with local developer Walter Lambert about constructing five medical office buildings on the old Anzalone Estate. So far, a foot doctor and a pharmaceutical firm are interested. The medical park fits in nicely with the city's new strategy for revitalization - health care."

The West Street MedTek Network is a new and different avenue of medical and community technology that will be incorporated into the West Street MedTek complex. This complex will serve as the hub for an Intermedia Frame Relay Network that will avail the Hudson Valley and Newburgh to new areas of communication to vital and innovative sources. One of the first steps in the construction of this network will be to connect to New York City hospitals, Albany Medical Center, and other educational institutions.

This will bring the benefits of this MedTek research facility to the City of Newburgh and the West Street MedTek complex. We also plan to connect this to other networks that already have established content and services. As this network grows, the amount of information and the variety of contact mediums will increase. West Street is prepared to benefit from these services by incorporating these features immediately into their practices. One of the attractive features for this network plan is to have a variety of specialists who subscribe to this network. For instance, a physician in the Newburgh area, through the use of the West Street complex, will be able to consult different specialists, surgeons, and other information sources on a direct question basis. By allowing direct questions that are specific to the individual case, an individual can quickly and more accurately determine the next steps which need to be taken.

The West Street network, a private enterprise, has a unique advantage over many of the current agencies that now provide information networks. The majority of these are governmental or educational, mired down under governmental guidelines, information limits, budget, and a limited variety of applications. Other independent networks are limited by having to charge subscribers for and by having limited resources to gain additional network features. The West Street MedTek Park will be free of restrictions that bind the others.

This new network will be using the latest technology to transport applications, Intermedias’ flagship product, Frame Relay. West Street is also planning to bring other networks on line, such as BOCES Net and the Adirondack Area Network, as well as real estate, supplies, pharmaceutical corporations, educational networks, and career centers, which will raise the complex to be ‘all that you need’ for top professionals.