Mary McClellan Hospital, Inc.

$225,000 Grant
Location: Cambridge, New York
Area(s) served: New York - Northern Rensselaer, Saratoga, Washington and; Vermont - Bennington
Contact: Ms. Joyce N. Davis
Telephone Number: (518) 677-2611
Fax Number: (518) 677-8947
Congressional District: 22nd.

Mary McClellan Hospital by joining the Adirondack Area Network (AAN), will offer a live interactive video network, covering many sites in New York and Vermont. It will improve the delivery of medical diagnosis, preventive health care, patient education and continuing education for health care professionals. Services offered these areas include teleconsultations, patient vital sign acquisition, static image acquisition, and live video conferencing. The grant provides equipment for multi-point interactive distance learning and telemedicine. A total of 3 sites equipped with systems of similar design, expansion capabilities and costs are funded. The sites are in Washington and Northern Rensselaer Counties, with approximately 70,000 beneficiaries extending to Saratoga County in New York and Bennington County in Vermont. The AAN hub is at the Russell Sage Junior College Albany campus. It includes switching equipment for network administration and facilities for origination of educational services that will be provided AAN user sites. The flexible design of the AAN and diversity in partners encourages a high degree of connectivity with other large networks. This enables communication with any location in the world.

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