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RADVISION, Adirondack Area Network
Provide Rural Health Videoconferencing

Posted on: 10/10/2001

RADVISION (, a provider of real-time voice, video, and data communications over packet announced Monday that the Adirondack Area Network (AAN) will use its networking solutions to provide videoconferencing to rural New York health education centers and hospitals.

Using RADVISION's multipoint conferencing units, gateways and gatekeeper applications and the AAN's ( networking services will be Hudson Mohawk Area Health Education Center, Rural Health Training Center, Hoosick Falls Health Center, Bennington Hospital, Elizabethtown Community Hospital and Clifton-Fine Hospital. The collaboration will provide telemedicine and distance learning services.

Funding for the networking services comes from a $15 million grant the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The AAN, which provides advanced telecommunications services to remote areas of Upstate New York, will supply videoconferencing to these new customers. In turn, the hospitals will use videoconferencing to provide rural patients with access to special care that they would otherwise have to wait months or years to receive.

The rural health training and education centers also will use videoconferencing to provide distance learning and training to hospitals and health care centers located in remote areas. This will allow rural doctors and nurses to stay with their patients and save hours of travel time for trainers.

RADVISION's MCUs and gateways allows for seamless connectivity to voice and video communications no matter where the users are located or to whom they're connected.

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