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VTEL Products Releases New Galaxy Software 2.1
Increasing H.323 Videoconference Capabilities and Performance

AUSTIN, Texas (August 22, 2001) – VTEL Products announced the release of new software for its Galaxyä line of videoconferencing products. The new software, version Galaxy 2.1, includes far-end camera control and interoperability enhancements in H.323 videoconferencing connections and provides improved performance and greater overall stability.

VTEL Products conducted Beta testing with existing Galaxyä customers gaining valuable input and validation of the new software’s performance. “The software feels more like a final product than ever before,” according to Galaxy customers in the Adirondack Area Network (AAN). Sean Collen of the AAN also added that, “In all instances, the video quality was very good. Everyone that saw the digital video was very impressed.”

“VTEL is committed to providing superior videoconferencing systems to our education and government customers world-wide. Galaxy software 2.1 with is a great example of this commitment and is only one of many exciting product announcements we anticipate in the coming months,” said Bob Swem, General Manager of the VTEL Product.

Additional features in the Galaxy 2.1 software release include: support for dual VCRs, improved interoperability with 3rd party vendor products in H.323 communications, and improved performance of camera presets. For a complete listing of Galaxy 2.1 features, please visit

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Based in Austin, Texas, the soon-to-be independent VTEL Products business unit is a leading manufacturer of PC-integrated videoconferencing systems primarily serving education and government customers worldwide. VTEL sells virtually all of its products through value-added reseller channels and has developed significant expertise in large-scale deployments of both traditional (H.320) and emerging video-over-IP (H.323) networks. Visit the VTEL website at

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Forgent Corporation is a visual communications solutions provider for enterprise networks. Forgent’s offerings include global services, multi-vendor products, and network management software. Forgent is deploying a video network platform to propel industry-wide interoperability and compatibility standards for both traditional (H.320) and Internet Protocol (H.323) networks, as well as drive the migration to video over IP networks. Visit Forgent’s website at for more information.

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